What are Fastbraces®?

Fast braces have been developed in America over the last 30 years though are relatively new to the UK. They are fixed to the teeth and treatment times average 2-5 months for the CLASSIC brackets. For those who are more concerned about the appearance they also come in CLEAR which are hardly noticeable at all. We Also offer FASTBRACES TURBO where treatment times can be measured in days. We have a case featured in the FASTBRACES brochures used by dentists worldwide that took just 76 days! Though several of our cases are used in the fast braces global marketing literature and also their scientific papers and textbooks.

Also all Fastbraces cases use only one wire from start to finish so no nasty painful tightening is necessary unlike conventional fixed braces.

Our Fastbraces® Accreditations


Why choose us?

Dr Melissa Goddard was the first dentist in Europe to achieve Master Provider status and then subsequently Senior Master Provider status, also winning the 2012 International Award for Fastest Growing Fastbraces Practise. She was also the original trainer for the Fastbraces UK Academy and currently provides Advanced Clinical Training and Mentorship for Fastbraces across the U.K. and internationally. In 2017 she was recognised as an International Speaker of Distinction for the company and in 2018 was honoured to receive their highest accolade, the Viazis Athena Award for the most complex case completed in the shortest time amongst all the Fastbraces providers worldwide.

Dr Goddard has mentored Dr Valerie and Dr Paola in this system who are well on their way to Master Provider status themselves and have been achieving incredible results with this system.Complex cases can be treated quickly and safely and is suitable for both children and adults. If you are interested please call us today.

What are the advantages of Fastbraces®?

The major advantage of the Fastbraces system is comfort and efficiency of tooth movement with most treatment complete within 10 weeks to 10 months, while patients with less complex orthodontic prescriptions may be able to have their braces off after just three months. Fastbraces® have been designed with comfort in mind, and in most cases there is no need to extract teeth. This is especially beneficial for children and nervous patients, as the prospect of having teeth extracted can be daunting.

Another major benefit is that Fastbraces® have been designed with comfort in mind and almost never refigure teeth to be removed even in severely crowded cases. The revolutionary technology causes the moving teeth to grow their own bone and make enough space to align them and become straight.


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