Same Day Teeth

Strongly anchored new teeth without ever having to wear a denture!


Cost effective dental implant treatment

Missing, damaged or failing teeth affect many people causing embarrassment and pain or discomfort.

Are you afraid to smile or eat your favourite foods? Do you hate dentures? With new technology it is now possible to fit dental implants and screw new teeth on to them all in the same day. You never have to wait a denture at any stage.

This means strongly anchored new teeth without ever having to wear a denture! No horrible plastic in the roof of your mouth making you gag and everything done under IV sedation if you wish. It is even suitable for people who don’t have a lot of bone left in their jaws.

We provide a service called Same Day Teeth! Here at Apollonia we were one of the first practices in the U.K to offer the pioneering All-on-4 technique. In fact Dr Goddard was trained directly by the creator Dr Paulo Malo in Lisbon in 2006.

We have lots of success stories over the years where we have helped people transform their lives, increasing their confidence and happiness and giving them their smile back.

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Am I Suitable?

Before beginning treatment a thorough assessment is taken out to ensure suitability of treatment. Dental implants have a high success rate when performed on suitable candidates. Factors posing a risk to success are patients that are diabetic or heavy smokers. It is important for patients to understand the importance of good oral hygiene and that they are able to undertake daily brushing and flossing using correct techniques prior to the placement of the implants.

Those who suffer from gum disease will need to have the condition dealt with prior to proceeding with Same Day Teeth. Treatment would be undertaken with our Hygienist for a professional clean and a continuation plan to maintain good oral hygiene regimes at home. For severe cases of gum diseases more intense gum treatment may be performed.

Long-Term Success and Comfort

Implants attached to fixed teeth restorations guarantee long-term success and comfort to the patient, especially when compared to the problems that are associated with the use of removable dentures in the long run. And as the implants are placed and attached to prosthetic teeth within a single day, the patient can look forward to less discomfort (and less embarrassment) compared to waiting for traditional dental implants to be fully healed and attached to teeth restorations.

Cost-Effective Implants Treatment

The elimination of the need for more complicated bone grafting, or sinus grafting, procedures translates to a more cost-effective Fast and Fixed implants treatment. A shorter treatment period, along with fewer visits to the dentist, will provide patients with more savings on the overall expenses associated with a dental implant treatment.

Permanent Restoration

The implants will be allowed to integrate for at least 5 months to integrate with the jawbone and heal. After the healing period, the final restoration is fitted. Final solutions include both fixed and removable prostheses:

  • Fixed solutions (recommended) include an implant bridge with porcelain or zirconia crowns cemented to the bridge framework or beautiful handcrafted acrylic teeth supported by a fixed internal framework
  • Removable solutions include overdentures on an implant bar attached by means of an attachment system.

Same Day Teeth Dental Implants

“My wife and I have been patients of Melissa’s since she started at Rodney Street. You can tell that she and her team really care about their patients.

I myself had some teeth left on the top and bottom which ranged from questionable to downright unsavable. The top ones had to go but I really didn’t want to suffer wearing a denture. So, Dr Goddard removed my remaining upper teeth, placed some dental implants and screwed my new teeth onto them all on the same day! I don’t think there are many dentists out there who can do that! We then planned to do the same thing on my lower jaw a few months later.

However, in this time I had been attending Apollonia’s hygiene department and looking after my remaining teeth as advised. When my next dental check-up came around Dr Goddard was delighted to tell me that they had improved so much that they didn’t need any treatment at all, never mind extracting! She then restored my missing lower teeth with a glue- in style bridge so now I have a full set and didn’t even need an injection or the drill! Well dentistry doesn’t get much better than that does it.

I would heartily recommend Dr Goddard and the team at Apollonia for any type of treatment, be it implants, general or cosmetic dentistry. I’m happy to report that I can eat whatever I like, even bite into an apple if I wanted to. My wife has also cosmetic dentistry and bridgework provided by Melissa and is very happy.”
Mr J Bates, Widnes

What are the benefits of same day teeth?

  • Secured and fixed teeth in just one day (extractions, implants and fixed teeth)
  • Cost effective dental implant treatment
  • Shorter treatment times
  • Surgery can be done with the patient either under intravenous (IV) sedation or local anaesthetic.
  • Extractions can be done at the same time, during surgery.
  • It is a very comfortable, alternative procedure. Most of our patients report that did not feel anything during procedure or the days after.
  • On the same day of the implant placement a full arch fixed prosthesis will be attached to the dental implants so the patient is never without any teeth during the treatment. The provisional restoration will look very natural. No one will notice that is only a temporary bridge.

Same day teeth enable you to have a permanent set of teeth fitted on the same day. Implants are loaded and attached to fixed teeth restorations (or prosthetic teeth replacements) within the same day, so there is no need to wait for a few months for the implants to fully be healed and integrated to the surrounding tissue – and no need to go through a period spanning a few months without teeth. The patient can come in the morning to start the treatment, and go home later during the day with a much improved (and fully functional) smile.

Same Day Teeth only require 4 implants to be placed rather than the usual 6-10 implants and are carried out quicker than traditional methods with less surgery. Less cost can be involved than a standard placement of implants and bone grafting is less likely to be required which can also reduce fees. Durable and stable implants are a great way of preventing the inconvenience of denture looseness, slippage and wear, which helps when eating and talking, and allow the new teeth to be treated just like regular teeth.

Patients will experience the same ability to eat as people with a full set of natural teeth and will experience no difference in taste, i.e. the ability to eat hard and sticky foods which are normally challenging to denture wearers. They do not rub against the gums as they are securely anchored into the dental implants. Same Day Teeth replacements are fixed permanently in the mouth and can be cleaned just like natural teeth.


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Same Day Teeth

Same Day Teeth

Same Day Teeth

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