Would YOU have a non-surgical nose job?

Would you have a non-surgical nose job?

Joanna Della-Ragione spent years feeling unhappy with the curve of her retrousse nose so when she found out about a procedure that could change her profile using just fillers, she jumped at the chance.

The 27-year-old from London signed up to have the non-surgical nose job offered by a top Los Angeles doctor, a procedure that takes less than 10 minutes and lasts for 18 months. Here she tells what is was like to undergo the procedure and how she really feels about her new nose...

Dr. Simon Ourian’s Los Angeles waiting room is already full when I arrive for my 9.30am appointment with Hollywood’s most revered ‘non-invasive’ cosmetic doctor.

Dr. Ourian first came to my attention when Cara Delevingne tagged him in an Instagram post, saying that she had touched down in Los Angeles and the first thing she was going to do was visit Dr. Ourian’s clinic, Epione, in upmarket Beverly Hills.

A closer inspection of his own Instagram (he has over 360k followers on @SimonOurianMD1) revealed that he treats half of Hollywood; besides Cara he counts Sofia Vergara, the Kardashians, a whole array of Housewives and is responsible for Kylie Jenner’s pout, to name but a few.

Any non-invasive treatment you can think of is offered up at Epione – non surgical face lifts using Botox and fillers, chin enhancement, jaw definition, non surgical liposuction and, one that really caught my eye because of the incredible before and after photos – the non-surgical nose job.

I was curious to experience the magic of the man himself, and managed to bag a much-coveted appointment for the procedure, which as the official name of nonsurgical nose job revision.

I’d wanted to correct my retroussé nose but and this seemed like a more subtle alternative to going under the knife.

Would YOU have a non-surgical nose job?
Would YOU have a non-surgical nose job?

She said that after the jabs the effect was so subtle and even her friends didn’t notice her new profile

I wasn’t unhappy with my nose as it was but I didn’t like the deep curve in the bridge and seeing the pictures on Dr Ourian’s Instagram page made me realise it could be refined and improved without too much pain and downtime.

The treatment involves a series of strategically placed injections of filler, in this case hyaluronic acid. It lasts up to a year and a half and costs $1,500 to $3,000 (£1,000 to £2,000) – depending on the product used as Restylane lasts six months and is the cheapest while Voluma lasts two years or more and is the most expensive.

It’s a lot you might think, for what’s known as a ‘non surgical’ treatment.

However, if you can get results that are as good as, or better than surgery without the danger of anaesthetic and the resulting pain, bruising and downtime, then this procedure is well worth it.

‘Ah, I see what you mean,’ says Dr. Ourian, examining the bridge of my nose in his office, pre treatment. ‘Also, the tip of your nose is somewhat bulbous,’ he says to me.

‘If we inject fillers into the bridge to build it up, the whole nose will look more in proportion. It’s a case of getting the proportions correct so even though we are adding volume with the filler, the nose overall will appear smaller.’

Simon Ourian

Dr Simon Ourian is the man behind Kylie Jenner’s famous pout

The treatment is suitable for a wide range of people, both those who want to alter the results of a prior nose-job and those who want to fill out gaps or bumps.

‘This treatment is becoming increasingly popular will people who just want a subtle change and don’t want to go into surgery,’ says Dr Ourian.

I’m led into a makeshift photo studio for a ‘before’ picture before having my face smothered with anaesthetic ointment. Just 15 minutes later I’m ready for the chair and Dr. Ourian comes at my face with his needleful of filler.

Much like a trip to the dentist, the procedure isn’t painful but it’s hardly pleasant either. There are a lot of injections but Dr. Ourian works fast and the whole thing is over in about five or six minutes.

‘I prefer this strategy because it’s far more direct,’ says Dr. Ourian. ‘Surgery is very permanent. With this if the result is not as desired I can easily dissolve the filler, reversing the treatment.’

Although my nose is slightly swollen the result are immediate.

‘There you go,’ says Dr. Ourian, ‘that looks like the nose you were born with.’

And I have to say, I’m very happy. This is the true magic of Dr. Ourian: The effects are subtle enough that you wouldn’t notice a difference unless you were told, but at the same time the procedure has given my face an overall more refined finish.

There is no downtime and I go for dinner with friends that evening. They remark that I look well but no one even remotely notices the difference until I show them the video taken on my phone. They gasp in surprise and collectively ask for Dr. Ourian’s contact details.

Dr. Ourian won’t tell me exactly what he does to his celebrity clients but he does say this: ‘Everyone in Hollywood has work. If they say they don’t they are probably lying. Most are treated either by me or one of my colleagues.’

So next time you read an interview with an ageing A-lister who says they’ve never tried Botox, be aware they may be very well be telling porkies.

This is a dangerous game though. I leave Epione with my swollen nose and hop into my Uber feeling like a true Angeleno, wondering what next to try and improve. It’s impossible not to be seduced by Dr. Ourian’s results.

He says he sees himself as an artist, enhancing and refining the beauty that’s already there rather than trying to create it – no wonder he’s such a hit with the young, beautiful set.

A few weeks later the effect has very slightly lessened and Dr Ourian says this is because the body has a tendency to absorb some of the filler and often you need a top up to retain the full effect.

The most bizarre thing is that the effect is so subtle that no one has noticed my face has changed until I point it out. Only then are they amazed by the difference.