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Dental Braces – doing away with the shy smile

Why use them? 

Braces embrace your teeth and guide them gently to their new location, it’s all about location. This key positioning can have a transformative effect on both appearance and health.  When the treatment is complete both sets should meet correctly when you bite, creating a flush and clean bite.

What are the Benefits?

Your teeth aliment can change your life and improve your self-esteem and confidence allowing you to smile with pride. Many of our customers are afraid to smile when they come in, but after they leave, they can't stop! At the end of your treatment, you will be able to embrace and enjoy your pearly whites, while your gums remain healthy, and the benefits will last for many years to come.

How do they Work?

The effect of a brace is to move and alter the position and angle of your teeth across your jaws, by using the bones of your jaws as a frame to provide support as the repositioning happens. This can take months or weeks due to the nature of the movement being firm yet slow to provide protection during the repositioning.

Why the need?

Braces can be applied to a range of patients. The process can vary in length depending on each patients’ individual situations. Examples of where this may be required include, over/underbites and gaping. Some can be applied to both adults and children, whilst others are restricted by age. There are a variety of brace options that are available to suit your needs and our orthodontists can advise you of the different options that are available, and which would be the most suitable for you.

How much?

Two of the most effective types are Fastbraces and Invisalign, Apollonia provides both options to our customers.

•    Fastbraces are a transformative solution to tackle alignment issues and are available for only £1,950. This is a drop of £500 from our regular price and we will provide you with a free set of retainers.

•    Invisalign is a simpler brace, similar to a gum shield, with the major benefit of being virtually invisible when you smile. If you'd like a quote on our Invisalign braces then give us a call on 0151 709 9146 and one of our friendly members of staff will be on hand to help you.